from Montale’s Cuttlefish Bones

Liz SearleThis text installation by Liz Searle is currently on display at Bank Street Arts.

From the curator’s text:

‘Exploring the elements of communication, this installation is based on the translation of Montale’s Cuttlefish Bones, by Angelina Ayers, poet in residence at Bank Street Arts.

Angelina translated Montale’s poem and gave Liz free reign to make of it what she wanted – she started with the premise that all text offers a similar choice – “we are all free when we are presented with text.  In reading, we decide what we make of the words and construct our own interpretation.”

The work also references the notion of translation: it has been translated twice – firstly into English and then into sculpture.  The letters become symbols upon which we imprint meaning.

In producing the work, Liz was drawn to the metalanguage within the poem.  “I chose the words which formed the basis of the language to play with: words, letters, syllables – as I was breaking the text into units.”‘

The full poem is also on display in the atrium.

Bank Street Arts is open Wednesday-Saturday 11am-4pm


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