Post Hoc Installation

The Post Hoc Installation at Bank Street Arts involved writers and artists sending their written responses to Bryan Eccleshall’s previous residency where he projected a photograph onto the wall of the space created when the Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911 and then painted the image in oils onto the wall at Bank Street.  The image was then covered by a stud wall and a plaque was put up.


The texts we received were typeset by Bryan.  He then spent a week tracing this and projecting the process back onto the stud wall that conceals his earlier work.  These copies were then hand bound into pamphlets by Beverley Green.


Ian Baxter, resident sound artist at Bank Street, miked up Bryan’s pen and manipulated the sounds created from his writing.  These sounds were amplified into the street.  A copy of the pamphlet, and the CD are available to look at in the Reading Room in the Juniper Cafe.




Here’s one of my attempts to think about the mythical presence of the painting, and how the plaque functions.


Under high ceilings and hush

the museum plaque chants

its Chinese whisper of what’s past


as the early light of the Pleiades

journeys forward in time to leave

their wraith across our sky


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