Post Hoc – Brief for a poetry/art installation

In the summer of 2010, Bryan Eccleshall painted a photograph of the space created during the time the Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911.  He copied the photograph, using an overhead projector and oil paints, directly onto the wall at Bank Street Arts, making a presence out of absence.  This was later boarded up.  All that remains visible is a plaque recording the work.

Whether you saw it or not, you are invited to write your response to the piece, or the series of events that led to the creation of the piece and its subsequent concealment.

We are looking for any kind of written response, poetry, prose, reviews, etc.  The only limitation is that the response shouldn’t exceed one side of A4.

These responses will become the focus of an installation at Bank Street Arts for the Sheffield Poetry Festival in April 2011.

Submission Deadline: 25th March 2011 – but please get in touch to let me know if you plan to submit, as it would be helpful to know how many submissions to expect in advance of the installation.


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