Friday 11th June

Mark Rowan-Hull is heading up to Bank Street Arts on Friday afternoon.  Mark is an abstract artist who explores his synaesthesia through his paintings.  This link has some information about him and his work, although the events are old ones.

Mark, Stephen Chase (musician/composer) and I are collaborating to see if we can respond to each other’s work using our own artistic medium.  We’re really not sure about how this will work.  Who’s going to start?  I don’t know.  I’ve already talked about how such spontaneity freaks me out and brings out every last insecurity I have, so I won’t go on.

Stephen had some good advice for me.  He suggested that I try writing around the idea before hand.  This makes excellent sense, but hadn’t occurred to me.  Mark has installed some of his work at Bank Street, including a film of him, a cellist and oboe player.  I’ve been in a few times and sat writing, just free writing, to the film, and feel a bit more like this might be possible.

Here is a snapshot (unedited) of what came out:

Screech.  The mud-brown river throwing ochre spots at the screen like the high-pitched wheeze of a fox in the bushes, his tail, the last bronze flitting between autumn, the way berries fall and leave the ground moist, sweet smelling.  Pluck the deciduous landscape from the temperate horizon, extend long thoughts over barren fields winding from Kent to Carlisle taking in the mills as we progress northwards, consonance, sludge-ridden waterways …

Yes, what a lot of nonsense, but I wrote something, and I can work with something  …

I think the biggest problem I’ve found is that I tend to focus on one thing at a time, so I was responding to the painting and blocking out the music, and when I became aware of this, I blocked out the image and switched to the sound.  I’m sure I read somewhere that it isn’t actually possible to do two things at once, only prioritise, so I guess that’s what I’m doing and have at least one scientific study to back me up.

Anyway, the point is that I enjoyed it, that I wrote things I didn’t know I was going to write and that at some level there must be a relationship between the words and the image that is somewhere less than conscious.

Come along to Bank Street on Friday after 1pm to see what we get up to and what comes of it.  It will be fun!

See you there


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