Call for Papers

Anthologising in Contemporary Poetry in the UK Bank Street Arts Midsummer Symposium in association with Sheffield Poetry Festival and University of Sheffield 20th-21st June 2014 Keynote speaker: Nathan Hamilton   Nathan Hamilton runs Egg Box publishing and co-edited the anthology series Stop Sharpening Your Knives. In 2013, Hamilton edited the Bloodaxe anthology, Dear World & […]


from Montale’s Cuttlefish Bones

This text installation by Liz Searle is currently on display at Bank Street Arts. From the curator’s text: ‘Exploring the elements of communication, this installation is based on the translation of Montale’s Cuttlefish Bones, by Angelina Ayers, poet in residence at Bank Street Arts. Angelina translated Montale’s poem and gave Liz free reign to make […]

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As resident at Bank Street Arts, I will explore modes of ekphrasis to examine how writing drawn from art can move beyond description, or imitation; to investigate how different writers respond to various media and how writing techniques can capture the working process of an artist without undermining notions of originality and authenticity.  I will try to understand the value of ekphrastic writing, to aim for a mode of writing more integral to the art source, while also achieving its own unique and independent status.